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ABC Pet Plans

Veterinary Financial Assistance and Payment Plan

  1. Do you want a healthy pet?
  2. Would you like to save money on your pet’s veterinary care?
  3. Would you like peace of mind, knowing you can have your pet examined and not worry about the cost of the office call?

If you answered YES to these questions, ask us how an ABC Pet Health Plan may be right for you and your pet.

What Are They?

ABC Pet Health Plans are discounted annual packages of services and products for dogs and cats based on their lifestage. The plan covers your pet for 12 months and can be renewed annually. Plus you can budget your pet’s care with affordable monthly payments. These services are oriented towards preventing problems. Although these plans include unlimited outpatient exams, they are not pet insurance and do not include care for sick or injured pets.

Protect your pet from these diseases and parasites.

ABC (Affordable Bundle of Care) Pet Health Plans

Basic packages of services and products that work to prevent problems with your four-legged friend

4 Outstanding Benefits

  1. Unlimited Exams – Because your pet doesn’t talk, let us speak for him. You won’t have to worry about paying for scheduled office calls.
  2. Longer Life – When pets receive regular preventive medical care, eat the right amounts of the right food, get regular exercise, and get proper dental care, they LIVE LONGER – sometimes as much as 2-3 years.
  3. Prevent vs. react – Detect irregularities before they lead to expensive treatment.
  4. Affordable – Budget your pet’s care by paying an Initiation Fee plus 12 monthly payments, or, make one payment and receive additional savings.

ABC Pet Health Plans Key Components

  1. Exams – Includes unlimited scheduled office calls.
  2. Basic Testing – Testing supplements the doctor’s physical exam. Testing is lifestage specific.
  3. Immunizations – Basic vaccinations protect your pet from deadly diseases, and are based on your pet’s lifestage, lifestyle, and environment.
  4. Preventatives – Pets living in Northeast Ohio are at risk for heartworms and other parasites. Puppies and Kittens receive deworming medicine. All enrolled pets receive a 5% discount towards the purchase of broad-spectrum parasite preventatives (heartworm and flea).
  5. Nutrition & Exercise Review– We will advise you regarding the right type of food for your pet, as well as your pet’s proper weight.
    (We use a 9-point scale – 5 is ideal.)
  6. Dental Health – Dental disease is the most common disease affecting dogs and cats. Besides the free dental screenings we provide, we’ll advise you on home dental care. There’s even a 5% discount towards dental services and products.

Call us at (440) 234-5831 today to discuss our ABC Pet Plans.